New Tricks

First post on the new update schedule (weekly on Tuesdays) is going to be a brief one to ease back into updating.

As the pandemic has reshaped our lives, we’ve had to adjust and learn new skills. I’m personally leveling up in cutting my own hair, online-dating while social distancing, and streaming on Twitch. But another creature who has expanded their skill set is my emotional support cat Tuca.

One way Tuca and I bond is by teaching her tricks. Quarantine has left me with more time at home and thus more time with this lovable floof. See the video below for a short compilation of her current tricks.

[Video description: Tabby cat Tuca preforms tricks following Tina’s commands. Tuca sits, stands on her hind legs, gives Tina a high-five, and jumps through Tina’s arms. Although before jumping Tuca offers some unsolicited high-fives]

As quarantine continues on, I’m sure we’ll both be adding to our list of tricks we’ll do for a treat.

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