Rest Days (Meds Continued)

This week has been one of reminding myself to take my own advice. Based on my work output, this hasn’t been one of my most productive weeks. But I’ve reminded myself that my focus of this week has been continuing to adjust my new meds so future me can be more productive.

Yesterday I made a judgement call on wether or not going to class was in my best interest. My negative self talk tried to tell me I was just being lazy and wanting to skip class. But I listened to my body about how I was feeling physically and mentally. My sleep had been disjointed and interrupted by mild anxiety attacks, so of course I felt like garbage. I wasn’t being lazy, I was sincerely exhausted.

I decided not to force myself to attend two classes where I’d barely be awake and making myself feel even worse. I went to the grocery store to pickup some easy comfort food and took a nap. A decision that undoubtedly served past, current, and future Tina much better.

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