Meds Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about having to change my psychiatric meds because of unwanted weight gain. Annoyingly, my psychiatric meds follow into the category of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. While I’m still figuring out if my new medication works for me, I do feel as though it’s been an upward trajectory.

I was able to tapper off zoloft without any adverse side effects. Starting up on trintellix I has some mild anxiety bouts, but I was always able to self soothe. I did have some serious fatigue and dry mouth that diminished with time. This week I talked to my psychiatrist and we decided to slightly increase my trintellix to deal with my continuing small bouts of anxiety. I’ve had some fatigue again, but I fell confident it’ll subside soon.

The trial and error of approach of some psychiatric meds can feel frustrating, but it’s been an overwhelming worthwhile outcome for me.

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