Sleeping While Having Anxiety Brain

I’m someone who has never done well without at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I can count the number of all nighters I’ve ever pulled on one hand. A few twitter threads this week led me to share some tidbits on my sleep hygiene to make sure I get enough sleep even when anxiety brain is trying to take over.

I’m incredibly sensitive to light. All my electronic devices automatically shift towards red light as the day goes on. My phone does this with nightshift and on my laptop I use Flux. I’ve also invested in smart lightbulbs for my bedroom that automatically switch to red light at 9pm. This helps me feel tired and is also a good way to remind myself that I should start winding down for bed.

I know I’m also someone who copes better with routine. So it’s not surprising that I sleep better when I stick to my pre-bed time rituals. For me it’s a pretty regular order of PJs, teeth brushing/flossing, journaling, and then reading till I’m sleepy.

I then need some kind of audio to help me actually fall asleep. What I need will really depend on how active my brain is trying to be at the moment. But I use free meditation apps like Stop, Breath, & Think; sleep focused podcasts such as Nothing Much Happens, or just a podcast I normally enjoy when awake.

My sleep routine is pretty darn extra, but it’s what I personally need to regularly get a good night sleep so I’ve learned to be just fine with that.

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