Excitement and Anxiety

This past week has been a mixed bag for me. It’s been a lot of both anxiety and excitement. Not surprisingly things that often go hand in hand. I’ve been anxious about Tuca’s infections, as a friend said there are way more things living in this cat than should be. But I’ve also been excited to have her around to play and snuggle. She’s gotten much more snuggly this week and even climbed under the covers to nap with me yesterday!

I’ve had a similar dichotomy at work. One of my projects continues to hit logistical road block after road block. But my other project has gotten some positive feedback and I’m thrilled to get the ball really rolling with it.

Also had an unusually full social week with seeing my favorite band The Who in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. And the day after I saw Chris Fleming at the Largo.  Plus I attended both shows with good friends. And tomorrow I fly out for a week in NC to see two good friends from college get married plus seeing one of my best friends and other good friends still in NC.

So between all that’s going on, it’s no surprise that my sleep has been a little sporadic and anxiety has been a little higher than usual. But being able to label what’s been causing me extra anxiety, seeing it’s actually stuff I’m mostly excited about, and knowing things will level out again soon has made it manageable.


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