Quien No Llora, No Mama

I grew up in a house where my mom taught me, “Quien no llora, no mama,” effectively meaning “the baby who doesn’t cry doesn’t eat.” My last week has been spent channeling that mantra. There were multiple administrative errors with my funding this week. At one point it seemed like my fellowship was paying almost $5K less towards my fees than stated in my offer letter. Because of my nature to rabble rouse, this error was resolved for me and the 9 other students on the grant. It also means I’ll get the rest of my stipend owed to me early next week, since initially part of it was delayed due to unpaid fees.

Situations like this are why I always give students is to speak up when something is wrong. And if the first person you talk to doesn’t listen find someone else to talk too. And keep doing that until your need is addressed. You deserve to have a healthy and safe work environment as well as the stipend/wage you were contractional promised.

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